Yoga Top With Built in Bra

Yoga Top With Built in Bra, a blend of chafe-free, breathable fabric with moisture-wicking technology and four-way stretch. The slim-fit, hip-length design features a smooth spaghetti strap racerback for natural movement. Enjoy the built-in...



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Eco-Friendly Yoga Blocks

Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Blocks Assist in achieving proper alignment and deeper stretches, Crafted from sustainable cork oak without harm. Renewably sourced, these high-density blocks offer stability unmatched by foam alternatives. The textur...



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Breathing Buddha for Pranayama

Experience Mindsight Breathing Buddha, a guided visual meditation tool promoting Pranayama. Slow breaths with color-coded prompts—Green Buddha (Inhale), Purple (Hold), Blue (Exhale). Ideal for all ages seeking stress relief, improved focu...



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Handcrafted Tibetan Singing Bowl

Experience tranquility with our Authentic Handcrafted Tibetan Singing Bowl Set. Hand-hammered by Nepalese artisans, it enhances yoga, meditation, and chakra healing. Perfect for stress relief, its mesmerizing tones aid in holistic healing. ...



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Inflatable Large Meditation Cushion

Enhance your meditation and yoga experience with this Inflatable Large Meditation Cushion. Crafted for comfort and posture support, this washable floor cushion elevates your practice. Its adjustable design ensures optimal seat height, while...



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Waterproof Yoga Mat Bag

Vintay Yoga Mat Bag, a versatile travel gym essential for men and women. Waterproof and spacious, it fits standard mats. Features a Water Bottle Pocket, Expandable Wet Pocket, Front Drawstring Pocket, and Zip Pocket for convenient storage o...



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Seven Chakra Tapestry for Wall Decor

Enhance your space with Maccyafst Seven Chakra Tapestry. Crafted from premium, soft, and durable polyester fiber, this colorful Mandala-inspired wall hanging adds serene vibes to any room. Available in two sizes, its intricate design, featu...



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Triple Layer Yoga Bolster Pillow

Support her relaxation and restorative poses during yoga practice with Triple-Layer Sponge Yoga Bolster Pillow. This versatile support pillow enhances relaxation and balance, catering to all levels. Crafted with a memory foam triple-layer c...



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Smart Wifi Aroma Diffuser

Create a calming atmosphere with essential oils to enhance her practice with this smart aromatherapy with WiFi-enabled Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser. Control LED colors, mist levels, timers, and schedules via the app or voice commands ...



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